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BrightCom's vision drives telepresence technology into the future by looking ahead to the virtual environment of the home office, the conference room and world of business collaboration. BrightCom's Lumina Telepresence provides a fully immersive environment empowering your business with the critical eye contact and collaborative work space necessary for effective meetings, enhanced relationships and improved business every day.
Lumina Telepresence L86Lumina Telepresence L85

Communicate like never before with highly immersive, custom built telepresence suite design and technology. Crafted for large team presentations and collaboration, the L85 provides a retractable, executive class, telepresence suite for two to twelve people with three 85 inch LCD displays and three HD cameras. With the definitive solution in telepresence communication build the relationships and trust necessary for instant and lasting success.

Lumina Telepresence L65Lumina Telepresence L65

Meet eye to eye with fully immersive and instant telepresence communication to successfully plan, manage and accomplish your everyday tasks, weekly goals and long-term strategies. Designed for large to medium meetings and collaboration the L65 provides a fixed telepresence system with three 65 inch LCD displays and three HD cameras allowing for a complete and natural experience for your most critical conversations.

Lumina Telepresence L37Lumina Telepresence L37

Experience instant, life-like, human to human interaction with your team members, partners and customers all around the world while driving successful business from the same table. Crafted as a modular telepresence workstation, L37 provides meeting environments for two to six people, with the three 37 inch LCD displays and three HD PTZ cameras providing the natural experience of instant, every day, personal meetings.

Lumina Telepresence L1Lumina Telepresence L1

Accomplish your every day tasks instantly with personal one to one telepresence communication. Built as a modular and mobile telepresence workstation for personal telepresence, the L1 provides an immersive environment for two people with one 42 inch LCD monitor and one HD camera fixed for critical eye contact.

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