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Product Demonstrations

Integrated Conferencing Demonstrations

BrightCom integrated video and data conferencing solutions create an effective environment for collaboration. Click on the videos below to learn how you can use the ClearView Mobile Video Conferencing with Visual Collaboration System 2.0. The videos highlight two features. First, multiscreen management, an intuitive and automatic management of the meeting's participants and data screens. The second video demonstrates the benefits of sharing meeting content including PDF documents and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

Data and Content Sharing

Multiscreen Management


Video Conferencing Demonstrations

BrightCom's ClearView Conferencing solutions make connecting your employees around the globe easy and fast whether they are using a telepresence suite, video conferencing room, desktop PC, or mobile laptop. Click on the videos below to see how simple it is to dial, answer and hang up a conference call.

Initiating a Video Conference Call

Answering a Video Conference Call


Hanging up a Video Conference Call

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