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BrightCom Telepresence and Video Conferencing Whitepapers

Real Time Multimedia Data Collaboration in Telepresence and Video Conferencing: BrightCom Visual Collaboration System 2.6

Much of the video conferencing industry today focuses on video and audio communication in immersive environments from telepresence to desktop video conferencing. Little attention is given to data collaboration within a teleconference infrastructure. As video conferencing technology is rapidly aligning with business goals and everyday processes, robust multimedia data collaboration is increasingly important. The focus of this white paper is twofold. First, it will discuss how BrightCom’s telepresence and video conferencing infrastructure leverages a revolutionary new multimedia conferencing platform that will overcome the limitations of current data sharing technology. Second, it will explore how business will be able to extend their everyday conferencing utilization today and in the future.


Minimizing Operational Costs: An In-Depth Comparison between Business Travel and the Telecommunication Alternatives of Video Conferencing and Telepresence

In economic hard times, business tend to reevaluate operational budgets to determine the most valuable and cost effective ways to succeed in their industry. One way in which businesses, small and large can cut costs and find value is by reducing business travel budgets and turning to alternatives such as telecommunication systems. This paper presents a study comparing the cost advantages of video conferencing and telepresence implementations over business travel within a five year period.


Network Bandwidth Utilization in BrightCom Video Conferencing and Telepresence Solutions

Since the advent of video conferencing, major obstacles preventing wide-scale adoption of the technology include network bottlenecks such as insufficient bandwidth and high network latency. BrightCom recognizes this challenge and regards efficient bandwidth utilization as a primary goal for its video conferencing and telepresence solutions. This white paper describes the unique bandwidth management strategies included in BrightCom products including the Visual Collaboration System (VCS) and ClearView Video Conferencing endpoints. BrightCom, Inc.


Bandwidth Requirements Guide

Bandwidth can have an important effect on the quality of any web broadcast. Features such as screen sharing, file and video broadcast all utilize differing amounts of bandwidth and therefore create different requirements. Determining how much bandwidth is required for a web broadcast can insure that all participants in the meeting have a satisfactory web conference experience.


A Comparison of Web Conferencing Technologies

Web conference collaborative solutions have increased in use over the past several years as companies look for new methods to communicate within the enterprise. While there are several web conference solutions available in the marketplace today, they vary in features, deployment strategies and cost-effectiveness.


Visual Collaboration System Network Transparency

Web conferencing servers typically require a varying degree of access to the Internet. While some require complex configuration with network settings, the BrightCom Visual Collaboration System (VCS) is the most network transparent product available requiring little or no configuration. We recommend the following settings to insure the quickest possible setup time for the VCS.


Benefits of Web Conferencing

While some companies have embraced web conferencing as a necessary tool to conduct business, others are still unsure of the benefit for their industry. This white paper details the core benefits of web conferencing and how it applies to various industries. Included are features of typical solutions and standard uses of the technology in today�s enterprise.


Collaboration Solutions That Address Sarbanes-Oxley Regulations

Sarbanes-Oxley regulations were created to monitor accountability within accounting systems. Collaborative solutions can also be useful with helping companies comply with SOX requirements through various journaling and reporting functions. This white paper details the benefits of utilizing web conferencing and instant messaging to their fullest in order to assist SOX compliance.


Web Conferencing in the Engineering Workspace

Collaborative tools have increased productivity by providing employees the ability to more easily communicate with others on projects. Of the different types of collaborative solutions that are available, web conferencing has had the greatest impact in the engineering workspace based on the set of features it provides. This white paper details the types of collaborative tools for the engineering workspace as well as their core benefits as it relates to engineering.

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